Small Miracles

Preparing for better birth stories.

Preparing for better birth stories.

Small Miracles is dedicated to providing high quality evidence-based childbirth education. 

Quality Information

Whether you choose a group or private class, you can be certain that all of the information you receive is backed by research from leading experts. Our classes provide balanced and naturally focused information about all your options.

More Than a Number

Every birth is different, just as every couple’s needs are. To us, you are more than a number. We strive to give you the information and support that your growing family needs.

Comfortable Environment

We limit our group classes to 3 or 4 couples for a more relaxed and comfortable class environment. For an even more personalized experience, we offer private classes for individual couples.

Want More?

While you’re waiting for the next available class, learn about all things pregnancy, childbirth, and baby!

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